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LEADS 2021


Leadership is as much about innovation, as much as it remains to be an ‘art’, in an environment where change is the only constant. Global leaders continue to strive for excellence while making their businesses resilient and adaptable. At the same time business leaders ought to focus on sustainability and gender diversity, as fundamental principles for their future partnerships. Challenges presided over by opportunities forced us to ‘reimagine the future’ of economic and development partnerships, that touch lives of millions around the world. There is a need to evolve global vision for growth in view of the changing realities, evolving expectations, connectivity among nations and an innovative ecosystem, to keep pace with economic disruptions.

In this backdrop, FICCI envisaged a global thought leadership platform to reimagine business - LEADS (Leadership, Excellence, Adaptability, Diversity, Sustainability). It is curated as a strategic initiative to imbibe leadership vision on future of fundamental aspects of global economic prosperity built on pillars of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

The 2nd edition of LEADS, brings together global leaders from Asia, Europe, Africa, CIS, Americas & the Pacific, for deliberating on how the tenets of Leadership, economic Excellence, and Adaptability to change, can be built on pillars of Diversity and Sustainability. Join us to reimagine the "Future of Partnerships", at LEADS 2021, on 14-15 September,2021, at New Delhi or virtually from anywhere in the world

LEADS 2021

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